Monday, September 12, 2011

The Sub I continues

I spent the third week of my sub-I with the medicine team. I am really impressed with the training opportunities that are available in their residency program. And the residents are really smart. The first year residents (interns) are bright and efficient-they always seem to know the next step. I hope to be half that good when I start residency! The staff in this program are all very approachable and ready to teach. I haven’t seen anyone talking down to the residents, nor have I seen any friction between the residents themselves.

I have been paying close attention to these interactions because I want a residency program that will encourage learning and be a relatively happy place to work. The residents at this program seem truly happy and satisfied with their program. There are a lot of different personalities, styles, and belief systems, but I think since people are generally content with the way they are treated by the program, it is easy for them to work together regardless of their differences. Each attending that I have worked with has made a point to learn my name. I have been writing progress notes and even orders (they have to be signed by a real doctor) which has been excellent training for me. Everything here has been in a paper chart, but I’m getting the hang of it now. (Of course, just in time to leave!)

Earlier in the week I joined a few of the girls for dinner. It was nice to sit down and relax with them outside of work. I thought it would be good for me to hear what my potential future colleagues are complaining about when they are on their off time. It could give me clues to the obstacles that I might face later on in my training. This group didn’t really have any complaints. In fact, we spent most of our time figuring out all of the things that we had in common. On Friday, one of the residents arranged for everyone to attend a baseball game. My husband, Matt, drove in so he could meet everyone. It was so much fun to spend time with the residents outside of the hospital.

I highly recommend that students rotating through their sub-internship go to these extra activities. There may be times when you are exhausted, but it is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn about the people you might be working with later on in residency. Plus, it gives them an opportunity to see you let your hair down (a little)!

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